Creatures which are slightly unsettling yet docile and harmless. Anomaly is a project full of contradictions, halfway between visionary manipulation of a body and a design of a household pet-object. Household creatures which are as lovable as they are surprising, a transfiguration from a fairytale, almost surreal, world which combines in one object practicality and playful excitement.

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Since 1825, Serralunga has been making modern outdoor furniture, subdivided in two collections: Design and Serralunga 1825. The first includes all modern outdoor furniture products, while the latter consists of more classical Italian furniture. Serralunga's strongest assets, which have always characterised the company all over the world, are illuminated pots and outdoor sofas.

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Segis - furniture for a worldwide contract market


By participating in more advanced design scenarios and innovative concept models, Segis produces objects that are both functional and aesthetically versatile. This is one of the main aspects of the group’s activities.

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Metal, glass, colors


reflectionrecalls the idea of light bouncing back, an essential fe-ature in colours for a superb finish. It also refers to the reflections
of thought, the reflections on colour that have marked the latest
research at Manerba.

Experienced, accurate study considering the original ingredients
of design, the raw materials par excellence: lacquered and satina-ted glass, aluminium covered with tactile paint, handcrafted steel
and wrought iron. Reflections of light and colour.

Karim Rashid in Almaty


The world famous designer – Karim Rashid will visit central asia with the lecture - "Design as a global culture"

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