LCI Decora new collection


LCI Decora Italia specializes in producing handmade furniture in different styles: classical, colonial, modern, ethnic, art-deco style.
All the furniture produced by hands of very experienced masters in the best traditions of hand-made from different types of wood: ash, cherry, beech, linden, walnut and oak.

New collection by Inkiostrobianco


Fascinating, alluring, cherished: this time the stylistic and linguistic choice tends towards sophisticated elegance and class, combined with a strong personality. The extreme refinement and precious details of the new collection have inspired its name: Charmant.

Archilab - The Masters of Industrial Design


The Masters of Industrial Design made home more comfortable and suitable for the modern society, working with industrial technology and mass-production. From year to year their creations have reached a good reputation all over the world and today some of them are considered as one of the symbols of the modern age.

Moroso M'Afrique


“Bright and brilliant furniture – this is the Moroso M'Afrique Furniture Collection. Patrizia Moroso believes Africa to be ‘so creatively rich and diverse that today it is still one of the greatest sources of inspiration for modern design’.

M'Afrique, presented new for 2009, reveals that is absolutely the case! Using traditional weaves in ultra modern ways makes this furniture impossible to keep your eyes off. Pattern and colour is everywhere you look.

Ciclotte - Ride on Design


Cicolette - first design exercise-bike!
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“If we were to industrialize the product it would
be no different from all rest”

SMANIA is the infinite passion for beauty, quality
and elegance.
A poem created by skilled hands, that preserve
antique traditions creating unique works of art.
SMANIA is the haute couture of wooden furniture
and has been for 40 years

Talenti - outdoor furniture for every day


Tradition, creativeness and innovation are the qualities that Talenti is known for.

A range of original, eye-catchy items in fiber and metal, produced by Talenti for outdoor usage in collaborations with some prestigious designers like Karim Rashid, Roberto Semprini, Alessandro Fancelli and others, cannot be unnoticed.

Please visit Talenti website.

Jumbo collection after fair news


Please spare your attention on the stand of such a prestigious company as Jumbo Collection which was presented during Milan 2014 fair.
You can check the new products, which have been presented during the fair by following this link